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"Set your goals outside of your comfort zone, and challenge yourself in your training. Work hard and focus. You will be amazed at what your mind and body can accomplish."

"Strive to do your very best every day. Accept responsibility for yourself, your body, and your goals."

Testimonials for Lisa Shaffer and No Fear Fitness Products

I enjoyed your KB workshop DVD. Great precise instruction and an outstanding companion for people that attend your workshops. Also an excellent resource for people that cannot make it to your workshops. Great job.
- Mike Mahler, Renowned Kettlebell and Strength Coach
Thanks for a day of excellent instruction. I learned a ton. It was fun to learn some new exercises as well, such as Dragon Walk. Also, the notebook handouts were very helpful. It especially helped me to mentally review the exercises post-workshop; otherwise I would have forgotten much of what we did.
- Bill Soloman