Lisa Shaffer Workshops

Who is Lisa and what does she know about kettlebell training?

Lisa has been training people from all walks of life with kettlebells for 5 years. She’s trained local, state and federal law enforcement officers, military personnel, martial artists, athelets and both men and women business professionals.

She is a business owner, strength coach and mother of three. She knows what its like to need an effective workout in a short period of time. That’s why she developed her No Fear Fitness Training System.

Lisa’s No Fear FItness training system works for everyone. Why?
Because everybody starts off with the basics and because Lisa has the most comprehensive instructional material on the market. She is the author of the best selling kettlebell manual “Get in the Best Shape of Your Life” and has a companion DVD entitled “Kettlebell Basics”. The workshop, the book and the DVD all go hand in hand.

This workshop is appropriate for anybody who wants to learn how to safely and effectively workout with a kettlebell. It doesn’t matter if you are a true beginner or seasoned weight lifter, Lisa’s workshops start with all the basic exercises and move into intermediate exercises.

Everyone will learn and everyone will be challenged.

Speaking of learning you maybe asking what will I learn in this kettlebell workshop? You will discover:

  • The five foundation exercises and why everybody should be proficient with them.
  • How kettlebell training carries over to everyday life, sports, and jobs that require physical activity.
  • How to structure a workout for different goals and the biggest mistakes people make when structuring their own workouts.
  • How to squat lower than you ever though possible and why its important to have the ability to squat low.
  • How to combine exercises for maximum fat loss workouts and time efficient workouts.
  • The biggest mistakes people make when performing swings and how that carries over to other kettlebell exercises.
  • The most beneficial way to perform Turkish get ups and how to stop flopping around like a fish when trying to do them.
  • The three biggest mistakes people make when performing cleans.
  • How to stop twisting up like a pretzel when performing windmill.
  • How to stop banging your forearms on snatches and cleans.
  • How to use your hip flexors and hamstrings for rock bottom squats and why rock bottom squats are safe.


The exercises covered in detail are:


  • Swings – 2 arm and 1 arm
  • Cleans
  • Military Press
  • Windmill
  • Turkish Get Ups
  • Snatch
  • Front Squats
As an added bonus, Lisa will also cover:


  • Basic Joint Mobility Drills
  • Kettlebell Safety
  • Workout Structure for differing goals
  • Question and Answer Session

Once you get the basics down the sky’s the limit. There are many other great exercises and combinations of exercises you can do. Lisa will introduce you to many of these intermediate exercises for variety in your workout.

Still have questions or doubts that this workshop is for you? Then keep reading. If not then sign up now because there are only 5 discounted spots available and when those are fill the price goes up.


A. Absolutely! If you are serious about getting started then this workshop is definitely the best way to start. You will be introduced and educated in everything that kettlebell training has to offer. Consider it a fast track way to get your training off to the right start.

A. Of course. Even if you own every instructional dvd on the market nothing beats the expert eye of a trained professional. You will learn expert tips to improve your form that you never new existed.

A. Yes! That is Lisa’s number one goal with every workshop and that is why the training system works. You walk away with the experience and confidence you need to get a full body workout that is not only safe but effective. Lisa also has the book and dvd you can use for follow up.

A. Absolutely. Lisa makes sure that everyone works at their own pace and within their comfort zone. This workshop will be challenging but the purpose is to educate and build confidence not to beat you down.

A. Yes, Lisa will have extra kettlebells for participants to use. She will also have kettlebells available for purchase.

What Clients are saying about Lisa Shaffer Workshops

As someone who has been an instructor (Field Training Officer, Firearms Instructor, taught various classes to recruits both in the classroom and practical exercises) for close to 10 years, I can say I was very impressed with your ability to explain each movement and then correct any problems any of the students were having with the movement, usually with a very concise tip to clear it up for them (especially me).

There were more then enough exercises taught and the pacing of the class did not allow anyone to get bored or too tired to perform the movements safely.

– Scott Bromley 712
Special Operations Division, K9
Irving Police Department

I just want to say “Thank You” for a great class. I came away knowing where I was weak in technique and how to correct it. Accomplishing the Rock Bottom Squat was a great feeling and it would have taken me forever to learn what I was missing in the movement doing it on my own. I was practicing snatches today and can honestly say that I’ve got them down. You are a terrific instructor. Your patience is second to none. I felt that I received a lot of one-on-one and all of my questions were answered. I wish that you were in Denver!

– Debra

“I was one of the Troopers at the West Virginia State Police Academy workshop. I was the one that achieved my best time on the run in our PT test after using the kettlebells. High rep snatches and C&J’s. It’s the best workout anyone can get. The workshop was top notch and i really enjoyed the pain and tweaks to my form. I had to lower reps on some things and the day after the workshop I really feel where the form changes worked. Lisa and Jeff were top notch and really fun to learn from and would recommend them to anyone wanting to learn more about the use of this fantastic tool for total fitness.

Thank you Lisa and Jeff and if you are ever back in the Mountain State look us up.”


I very much enjoyed meeting you and Jeff in Institute last Friday! The course content and demonstration of technique was outstanding. I have been lifting kettlebells for about three years, but the fine points of technique and tips, as well as the new exercises introduced were amazing! Like we talked about, you miss the subtle nuances of technique without personal instruction. I would strongly encourage anyone to participate in one of your seminars/workshops. Thanks again! ”

-Kenny Burner, F/Sgt. West Virginia State Police, retired

“I had a great time at the workshop! I really felt that the reinforcement of the basic techniques will be a huge benenfit to my workouts. The quality of instruction was excellent. It really shows that you care about what you are doing and the people you train.”

– Jackie Yowell

“Your descriptions of how to do the excercises were very helpful and informative. It was helpful how you went around to each person to make sure everyone had correct form when doing the exercises and how you gave feedback to everyone. It was definitely obvious that you are very knowlegeable about this type of exercise.”

– Deanna Taylor

Lisa is a superb RKC instructor. I have received one-on-one instruction from her, have attended her workshops and have consulted her help on may occasions. She has consistently helped me improve my form, allowing me to lift heavier and injury-free. In addition, Lisa has introduced me to many new and challenging kettlebell exercises, allowing me to formulate a more well-rounded, complete training program. She teaches with great enthusiasm, offering words of encouragement while giving a critical eye to safety and proper exercise from. I would highly recommend her for both beginner and intermediate kettlebell enthusiasts.

-Brian Abrams

Thanks for a day of excellent instruction. I learned a ton. It was fun to learn some new exercises as well, such as Dragon Walk.

Also, the notebook handouts were very helpful. It especially helped me to mentally review the exercises post-workshop; otherwise I would have forgotten much of what we did.

-Bill Soloman