The Step Up Press

Anybody who knows me, knows that I’m a big proponent of short but effective workouts. Using the Step Up Press will certainly intensify a workout. You can work every muscle in your body with this one exercise.

Helpful hints:

You may want to start with a lighter kettlebell than you usually press. This exercise extends the range of motion for the press and can make a light kettlebell feel heavy again.

Start with low reps until you get used to the exercise. Your lower back and core get a good workout with this one.


Start with a 12″ to 18″ plyo box or sturdy bench. Clean a kettlebell to the racked position on the left side and place your right foot on the box. You’ll be working contra lateral or opposite press to step. Shift your weight from your back leg to the right foot on the box and step up by then placing your left foot on the box. Press the kettlebell up overhead at the same time you are stepping up on the box. Lock the kettlebell out overhead. Pull the kettlebell back down into the racked position before stepping back down off of the box, with your right leg first. Do 5-10 reps and then repeat for the other side.



Add a clean before each step up press. This really “steps up” the cardio aspect of this exercise and adds a pull exercise as well to balance the press.

Add a front squat after the step up press. If you want to blast your legs even more then add a front squat after the press when both feet are on the floor.

Hold the kettlebell by the horns bottom up (finger, thumb press) and step up press with both hands. This sounds easier than it actually is.

So no more excuses about not having enough time to workout. 10-15 minutes of this exercise and a few sets of swings in between the step up press sets and you are good to go.

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