Combination Workouts

If you are running short on time and need to really blast yourself in 10-15 minutes, this is the workout for you. It’s short, sweetly brutal, and to the point. And if you don’t think a 10-15 minute workout can blast you, then I challenge you to give these workouts a try.

A combination workout consists of combining several kettlebell drills together to make one. Or, you could consider it a super circuit. The drills you choose need to flow together well so it is a smooth transition between each drill.

For example, Clean and Press, Overhead Squat, and Snatch = 1 rep. Clean the kettlebell to the racked position then Military Press it overhead. Hold the overhead position and go straight into an Overhead Squat. Once you have ascended from the squat, swing the kettlebell between your legs and snatch it. That is a lot of work for one rep. Perform at least 5 reps on each side to make one set. You could change hands after each combined rep, or pump out the 5 reps on one side before you switch hands. Either way it’s a killer. This is a good combination that will work your arms, shoulders, chest, abs, back, legs, glutes… oh heck, it works pretty much everything.


Here is another excellent combination:

  • Punch Press x 5 reps
  • Deck Squats x 5 reps
  • Crossing Side Lunge x 5 left and right

All of the above is one round/set. Hold a kettlebell by the horns and do 5 Punch Presses, then immediately do 5 Deck Squats. Now, to finish it off, as if your heart wasn’t already pumping hard enough, do a set of Crossing Side Lunges x 5 reps on each side. If for some reason that is too easy for you, then you either need to increase the weight you are using or add some reps.

Here’s another good one: Clean, Front Squat, Snatch, Overhead Squat. Clean the kettlebell and immediately do a Front Squat. After you have ascended from the front squat, swing the kettlebell between your legs and snatch it. Hold the kettlebell overhead and Overhead Squat it. All of that is one rep.

OK, just one more. Dylan Thomas, RKC calls this a Switch Off Snatch (SOS) or Swatches. Snatch a KB overhead then swing the KB back down between your legs, go straight into an alternating swing by swinging the KB up and switching hands in mid-air. Swing the KB back through your legs and then snatch overhead. Alternate back and forth between hands.

By now you understand how to combine the exercises in a flowing manner to start creating your own combination workouts, such as these:

  1. Clean and Press, Overhead Squat, Snatch
  2. Clean, Front Squat, Military Press, Overhead Squat
  3. Kettlebell Pass, Punch Press, Lunge
  4. Under Leg Pass, Slingshot, Swing

So as you can see, the “I don’t have time today” excuse no longer applies. You’ll have to think of something else because time is not the issue. Now, go pick up your kettlebell and give it a try!

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