“Kettlebell Basics” Instructional DVD


Based on the book “Get in the Best Shape of Your LIfe!”

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Video Clips Taken from the DVD

Kettlebell Basics: Trailer

Kettlebell Basics: Introduction

Kettlebell Basics: The Swing

Screen captures from DVD

“Kettlebell Basics” List of Exercises

  • Two arm swings
  • One arm swings
  • Cleans
  • Double Cleans
  • Military press
  • Double Military Press
  • Front Squats
  • Double front squats
  • Lunges and variations
  • Walking Lunges
  • Windmill
  • TGU
  • Push press
  • Double push press
  • Bent over rows
  • Under Leg pass
  • Snatch
  • Good Morning Stretch
  • One Arm DL
  • Punch press

Bringing the Book to Life!

Get in the Best Shape of Your Life! Now on DVD!

“Kettlebell Basics” Instructional DVD

Professional Instruction on Over 20 Exercises in Full Motion!

3 Different Camera Angles!

Super Slow Motion Camera!

Graphic Tip Boxes Just Like the Book!

Muscle Groups and More!

Price: $14.95

Testimony and Praise for “Kettlebell Basics”

I’ve been watching your DVD and going through your book and I think it’s starting (finally) to sink in. Today before I went running I picked up a kb to warm up and for some reason decided to try doing snatches. I’ve stayed away from them for the most part up to now because the occasional times I’ve tried them I might as well have been beating myself on the wrist with a sledgehammer. Today I tried them and much to my amazement I was able to do them without the wrecking ball effect (most of the time anyway). I almost bagged the running because I wanted to stay and do snatches. That feeling I had of the light bulb suddenly coming on is a little like the first time I heard Bruce Springsteen on the radio. Thanks again.
— John Summit

I got this DVD at your seminar Lisa. Thank you so much for making it and for making sure to remind me to take one home! It is AWESOME!! You ROCK Coach Lisa!
— Regina Hurley

Wow!!!!! This is an awesome DVD! I got the DVD in the mail on Saturday and watched it twice over the weekend. It is just filled with detailed high quality instruction. There is something like 18 or 20 of the basic exercises covered. And Lisa’s experience as a trainer is very evident in the amount of detail that she covered and the many little tips that she provides in the instruction. This isn’t a dvd that will be watched once and set aside, I can see it being used as a refresher course and reference guide for experienced KB lifters and a great learning tool for those that are new to KBs. There is as much detail covered as in a workshop, with the same highest quality that Lisa always provides.

A great complement to her “Best Shape of Your Life” KB workbook. The DVD was actually done in the same style as the workbook with the same use of arrows and tips inserted as graphics into the DVD, a preview of each exercise with difficulty level and muscles used in the exercise, and a cool “Tips to Remember” summary at the end.

Awesome DVD overall. Something I’ll need to watch several times just to get all the information that is covered, and also because it is just plain cool. I actually think it is better than her workbook, so if you liked the workbook, I think you would love this DVD! A++, very highly recommended!
— John Starego, RKC

Watched it this weekend and it was the all round best instructional DVD for KBs I have seen. The slow motion with important tips is a great innovation, watch it become standard in KB DVDs. Who here, that teaches KB’s doesn’t use a light KB and do a slow mo snatch to explain key points during the movement? Well in this DVD you get just that. I can see this helping those who can’t get with an instructor, but more importantly, it can help you re enforce key aspects of KB technique. It’s a great value, and is indispensable if you have her manual.
— Dylan Thomas, RKC

Hi Lisa,

I just got your DVD and it’s great! I hope you do very well with it and the book.
— Debra Berger, Denver, CO

The quality of the dvd was very good with respect to the visual presentation, the knowledge of the instructor and the use of music. It exceeds expectations and is a useful product.
— Jim, Arizona

Just received the DVD and watched it last night. Nice work, Lisa. Well done. I bought it to share with my wife and the ladies at work who think the treadmill is the answer to all of their fitness dreams.
— hayes959, DD forum reader

Hi Lisa! I just got the DVD. I think it is a great learning tool!!
— Becky Wilbanks

“Wonderful instruction on the DVD! I look forward to learning more and really priming my KB workouts. Thanks!”
— Julie Nuzzo

“I received your DVD last night and was very impressed with the quality. I’m excited to start incorporating kb training into my routine with your DVD as a guide. Thanks for getting the DVD to me so quickly.”
— Mike Eastland

“I just purchased your DVD. I have owned the book for over a year and I just want to thank you for a great product. It is great and has already helped me correct some flaws in my technique.”
— Charles R.