Mike Mahler/Lisa Shaffer Kettlebell Plus Workshop October 28, 2006 Dallas, TX



“I had the opportuinity to train with Mike Mahler and Lisa Shaffer yesterday. I just wanted to say what a great session it was. We were not smoked, but I still woke up sore, especially in my lats.

There was a wide gulf of experience from never using them before up to RKC’s. Mike and Lisa started out with the basics and worked till everyone was at a good performance level. They helped the newbies find the right path and showed great concern for them. They showed what great teachers they were by creating success for people who were struggling as well as keeping the experienced KB’ers going.

They did not forget the more experienced KBer’s. They were able to fix any technique problems that presented themselves. They also spent time with us and actually gave more advanced exercises to help us. Lisa and Mike both worked to show me how to do a correct Windmill. They also taught the side press, bent press and worked at fine tuning some of the coomon issues we al have.

The seminar was great. They were able to motivate and energize everyone in attendence. I would highly reccomend anyone wanting great instruction to train with both of these great instructors. If you are in the Dallas area, Lisa is definitely a great instructor to learn from.”

— Paul Britt, RKC